Artist Statement: Anne T. Rich


     I paint landscapes and seascapes. I value solitude, and being outside, preferably on a beach or a riverbank. I am a sky watcher. Most of my paintings are daylight subjects with clear color chords. Forms are simplified, and color is intensified. Movement and stillness, a feeling of presence and nearness is what I try to paint. I do not feel like I am merely illustrating for others to see. For me my subjects are enchanting and the process is engaging. I am happy that people like what I love to do.

     When I am outside I feel a sense of lucidity; of truly being in the here and now. Recalling and attempting to simulate that force in the quiet of my studio is an added bonus. My time is well spent when I can come away feeling as though I have created something I want to share with others; the grace I felt in the there and then.

Anne T. Rich


     I hope visitors to the gallery look at my sculpture directly with the pleasure of the pure joy of seeing.

     I have a stronger feeling for nature than I do for the character of cities because I was blessed with a childhood spent primarily outdoors. Wood and stone are the two materials which appeal to me. I appreciate their living qualities; the grain of wood, the perfumed texture, the potential for smooth, rounded forms.

     I learned early on that the possibilities of the material could only be fully exploited in the completely free creation of forms. My sculptures approach biological shapes and forces of nature that are fleeting like the wind and waves. The process of carving is fun and exciting because I do not impose my vision on the material; the material tempts me to new adventures which I cannot foresee.

     I have very little interest in geometrical, broken forms. I like forms that unfold naturally. The chisel cuts, bruises, and deafens but what materializes is quiet, and smooth. The highly polished surfaces make it easier for the eye to penetrate the surface.

     I am mining for what is still vital in my own idiom. Direct carving has a rich tradition. I am convinced that its potential is still far from exhausted.

     The people who have influenced my work are Barbara Hepworth, Henry Moore, Antoine Poncet, Jean Arp, Sister John de Matha SSND, and Nick Ghiz; all sculptors that captured natural rhythms in joyful movement in their work. They taught me to trust my instincts and to be fearless when it comes to love.

Anne T. Rich